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The Physical Education Department is looking forward to providing opportunities for students to learn values of movement and personal fitness in a safe and dynamic environment. The classes and activities offered will equip students to be knowledgeable movers enhancing their lives through improved health, performance, and mental well-being.

Dress and Materials Needed:

Students are to dress and Participate on Wednesday, August 23, 2006.

Dress includes:
  • NHSPE uniform, non marking athletic shoes, sweatshirts on cold days are permissible if they are in Titan colors: black, grey, white, or cardinal.
  • Paper notebook, pen, pencil
  • Personal hygiene items: towel, deodorant
  • Students are expected to dress out everyday in NHS PE shorts and shirts. There are no exceptions!
  • Students not prepared are provided an alternative unit appropriate activity and maximum points are not available to student that day.
  • Third offense within semester parent is notified. Fourth offense administrator is notified.
  • Students are responsible for own clothes. Lost or stolen clothes are not responsibility of physical education staff. Names shall be clearly printed on uniform
  • Loaners are not available

  • Students will be issued a combination lock and small PE locker. The lock will remain in locker room at all times. Any personal lock brought from home and put on a PE locker will be cut off.
  • Students participating in after school athletics can check out a sports locker during that sport’s season. Student will bring their own personal lock to put on athletic locker.


  • If a student is unable to participate for medical reasons he/she is required to bring a physicians note that states exactly what the student can or cannot physically do.
  • When providing a medical or parent note to excuse from participation the student is still expected to dress out for PE.
  • Chronic medical will be handled on case-by-case basis. If a student is unable to meet physical education requirements the student may be reassigned.
Attendance and Tardiness

  • Students must be present and are evaluated daily. If a student is absent for any reason student has forfeited all points for that day.
  • After 3rd tardy student will receive detention and parents will be notified
  • 4th offense will result in a referral to administrator.

  • Students are provided unit appropriate activity make-ups for missed days. Student is responsible to make contact with teacher for assigned make-up. Student must make contact within one week from absence.

  • Students are assessed daily in various skill areas which include but are not limited to: performance, fitness level, social responsibility, physical and cognitive ability. Freshmen students will also be assed 3-4 times a year in accordance with the California State Fitnessgram. Physical Education rubrics and individual teacher grading procedure will be communicated with both student and parents at the beginning of each semester and made available via teacher websites.
NHS Physical Education Staff

Wendy Bruse James Gross Jim Johnson Josie Long Josh McClurg Mike Mostajo

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