NHS Scholarship Application

Many local donors ask that a Nipomo High School selection committee select scholarship recipients on their behalf. As such, we have a Nipomo High School Scholarship Application that will allow NHS seniors the ability to apply for more than 10 scholarships with one application!
We recommend EVERY NHS senior apply and submit their application ASAP! The sooner you apply, the more relevant scholarship opportunities we can send your way.
IMPORTANT, in order to type AND SAVE the document, you must follow these steps:
Step 1: Click the link below. DO NOT BEGIN TYPING as if you do so and try to save, it will save a blank copy!!!
Step 2: Save the application to a location of your choice. 
Step 3: Once saved, locate the document on your computer to complete it.
Step 4: To save, go to your File tab, click "Save As" and save to the folder of your choosing.