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Titan Athletics’ Families,                                                              September 16, 2020

At the LMUSD Board Meeting on September 15th our School Board approved the return of limited, in-person athletic conditioning to begin on October 5 for Fall and some Spring sports.  

We are working through the logistics right now of each of our program's ability to effectively, efficiently and safely meet the requirements of our RTA plan.

Please see the attachment titled NHS Athletics Start Schedule for information on what sports plan to start on what dates.  

I will email out again on Friday with a list of Coach Contacts for each of those sports, so that you can contact them to let them know that you want to participate in that sport. I will also include an updated NHS Athletics Start Schedule (some coaches are still working through their plans) every time I receive updates from coaches. 

Emailing coaches starting Friday will be important information for our coaches to know, because we MUST plan and implement cohorts of 1 coach per 14 student-athletes and there is very limited ability to change those cohorts once we begin.  If your son/daughter is not included in the cohort plan they may not be able to start when they are ready.  Again, I will email out on Friday with coach contact information.  

What can you do now?  Make sure that your student-athlete is cleared.  Without Family ID registration (  ) and a current physical they will not be able to participate.  Please email completed physicals directly to Assistant Athletic Director P.J. Deichler:

Next Steps?  Again, I will email coach contact information on Friday, as well as an updated Athletics starting plan.  After you receive that information from me make sure that you email your specific coach to let them know that you want to participate in conditioning with their sport.  Also, make sure that you are cleared (Family ID registration and Physical). 

Participation in any of this in-person conditioning is entirely OPTIONAL.  This is not something that you have to do in order to potentially play that sport when the seasons actually get here.  So, discuss this as a family and decide if attending these opportunities is right for your student-athlete.  

Finally, there will be more information to come regarding daily health questionnaires, waivers, etc.  We are working hard right now to make sure that all of those ducks are in a row before we put out what is required.  We do not want to provide bad information for obvious reasons.  

With Titan PRIDE ~
Russ Edwards
Athletic Director
Nipomo High School