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Fun, Fellowship and Food

FCA: Fun, Fellowship, and Food
By: Jared Hardy

Every Wednesday in Room 105, Nipomo High School students gather for the club known as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Members of the club do not necessarily need to be of the Christian faith or any faith, and do not need to be an athlete either. The FCA is an organization that hosts these gatherings in schools all along the Central Coast.

Each week, the club begins with a time to visit with the other members and enjoy the free pizza that is provided every week. Then there is a short time of prayer, followed by a simple game such as trivia, rock paper scissors, or ninja.

Afterwards, there is a speaker who will share from the Bible or give a short sermon on something applicable to the life of a high school teenager. These speakers may be youth pastors of local churches, school staff members, or even students.

Messages include topics such as peer pressure or evangelism. There is always something to be taken away from the message, whether you’re a Christian or not.

The members of the club are from all different grades, from freshmen to seniors. FCA is a club to attend to make friends to hang out with in or out of school. The club itself has a kind and welcoming atmosphere.

On occasion, the club will conduct outreaches to the school campus in an attempt to serve others and share the Gospel with peers. These may include events such as distributing candy canes during December near Christmas, or handing out popsicles in the spring as the days become warmer.

One of the clubs most famous events is “See You at the Pole.” This is a day once or twice a year where members of the club, as well as some school staff, gather at the flag pole at 7:00 a.m. to pray for friends, the school, and the nation. This is also a time of worship.

Overall, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club with a clear mission and purpose. The members are friendly and the meetings are great. Whether you’re a believer looking for somewhere on campus to connect with other Christians, or if you’re searching for answers about God and our world, the FCA is the club for you.