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NHS Athletics Update: March 16, 2021
Nipomo Athletics Families,
Good afternoon everybody!  I hope that you and yours are healthy and happy!   As we get ready to start playing contests with almost every sport all at once, I thought that it would be prudent to send out an update for you all regarding spectators allowed at contests, charging at contests, concessions, game schedules and COVID testing of student-athletes.
It has been a rollercoaster ride with the County Health Department regarding spectators.  We couldn't, we could, we couldn't and now we can!    Every school and venue will be different based on occupancy numbers of playing areas and whether those areas are indoors or outdoors.  Every school will also be different regarding how they will know who is who, what is what, charging vs not charging, etc..   
Here is the breakdown of what you can expect when we are playing at home, here at NHS.  
Monarch Dunes Golf Course = NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED.  
Gym (Basketball, Stunt, Volleyball, Wrestling) = NO SPECTATORS CURRENTLY ALLOWED.  This guidance has not changed.  No spectators currently allowed for indoor sports.  If this changes I will confirm via parent square messaging.  
Baseball / Softball Fields = 2 family members (any ages) per student athlete.  Lists created with Head Coaches and can be changed each game.  Communicate with your daughter's/son's Head Coach.   
Stadium (Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Track & Field) = 3 family members (any ages).  Head Coaches will create lists for each home game.  Communicate with your Head Coach to update those lists.  
Swimming Pool (Swim & Dive, Water Polo) = 2 family members (any ages) per student athlete.  Lists created with Head Coaches and can be changed each contest.   
Tennis Court = 2 family members (any ages) per student athlete.  Lists created with Head Coaches and can be changed each home contest.  
Along with this, our coaches will need help each week to make the contests happen (including for our indoor sports).  We are allowed parent volunteers for game management jobs in each sport.  Your Head Coaches should contact you all each week with any volunteer jobs needed.  Please help them/us out, as we are stretched really thin with all of our sports happening at once!  
I will also message out weekly what you can expect when traveling to other schools.  Here are this weeks' away contests and what you can anticipate.
1.  Thursday = Girls Golf @ Blacklake.  No spectators allowed.
2.  Thursday = Girls Tennis @ Morro Bay.  2 spectators allowed per athlete.  
3.  Saturday = Varsity Baseball @ Paso Robles.  2 ADULT spectators allowed per athlete.  
4.  Saturday = Football @ Mission Prep.  2 spectators allowed per athlete.
5.  Saturday = Boys Water Polo @ Pioneer Valley.  2 spectators allowed per athlete.   

Charging at Contests 

Some schools will be charging at contests and some schools will not.  How schools collect money each week may be different as well.  Here is a list of our home sports and how we will be handling money/charging at gates.  
Baseball = officials fees, donation box at entry gate for donations to help pay for the official cost.  No change given.
Basketball = officials fees, but no spectators allowed at this time.  No donation box. 
Cross Country = no officials = no cost
Football = officials fees, donation box at entry gate for donations to help pay for the official cost.  No change given. 
Golf = no officials = no cost
Soccer = officials fees, donation box at entry gate for donations to help pay for the official cost.  No change given. 
Softball = officials fees, donation box at entry gate for donations to help pay for the official cost.  No change given.
Swim and Dive = officials fees, donation box at entry gate for donations to help pay for the official cost.  No change given.
Tennis = no officials = no cost
Track and Field = officials fees, donation box at entry gate for donations to help pay for the official cost.  No change given. 
Volleyball = officials fees, but no spectators allowed at this time.  No donation box.  
Water Polo = officials fees, donation box at entry gate for donations to help pay for the official cost.  No change given. 
Wrestling = officials fees, but no spectators allowed at this time.  No donation box.  
No concessions are currently allowed at any of our schools.  Please plan accordingly.  
Game schedules 
We (AD's) are still working through a few wrinkles with game schedules due to testing rules.  My hope is to have all of our schedules posted on our school athletics page by Friday.  That being said, there will be changes that will occur constantly!  Changes always happen due to weather, officials availability, etc, but this year we will also be battling the potential for double and triple booked facilities, as well as COVID related cancellations or postponements.  Your patience is appreciated!  
COVID Testing of Student-Athletes 
Representatives from SLO County Health Department came and trained us yesterday with testing our student-athletes.  The weekly test (Mondays currently) will be required for the sports of Basketball, Stunt, Volleyball and Wrestling (our indoor sports).  This testing is required in order for them to conduct true weekly practices and to play games.  The test is a nasal swab test that the student-athletes administer themselves with myself, our Athletic Trainer and our Head Coaches supervising.  We tested volleyball players yesterday, as well as all of our coaches that were present for the training.  For the next month this testing will take place only on Mondays from 3-4pm.  In mid-April we will add a second test day of the week and possibly a third day based on guidelines for gameplay for Basketball, Stunt and Wrestling.  Test registration information for our student-athletes of these specific sports will come from those Head Coaches.  
No other sports are currently required to test.  Should our SLO County COVID numbers spike there is a possibility that Football and Water Polo would have to begin testing as well.  Notification will come out should that become required.  
That is all for now.  Sorry, it's a LOT!  Please email back directly with any questions.
With Titan PRIDE!  

Russ Edwards
Athletic Director
Nipomo High School


Parents of Nipomo HS Student-Athletes:

The NHS Family ID clearance registration (click to go to site) for the 2020-21 school year is now available. Instructions for NEW & RETURNING parents are posted below.

If you need assistance with registration at anytime, contact FamilyID at: or phone (888) 800-5583 x1.

If you are taking your student-athlete to complete a physical for the 2020-21 school year, PRINT OUT the 2020-21 Sports Physical Form (click on link to access). After you print, bring the 2020-21 Physical form with you to your physician for completion. 



NEW THIS YEAR:  Due to concerns around COVID-19 and the safety of our student-athletes, after your physician completes the form, please scan the form or take clear photos of BOTH SIDES of the physical form and email those images to Assistant Athletic Director Philip Deichler at

Completed forms must be emailed and verified by the Athletics Department and Family ID must be completed BEFORE participation in any athletic practices or contests.


Thank you for the support and Go Titans!

Nipomo Athletics Families,
We are getting close to the start of Optional Athletic Conditioning on October 5.  Some reminders/notices for you all, as you discuss whether to participate with these optional opportunities or not.  Reminder that it is not necessary to participate in order to make a team when the tryout time comes.  Participation at this time is entirely optional and it is a decision that you, as a family, must decide together.  
Please read through EVERYTHING below and email me directly if you have any questions.
Must Do's To Participate 
1.  Complete Family ID Registration.  Info on how to complete the process can be found here:
2.  Valid Physical on file.  Physicals are good for 365 days.  Email your completed physical to Assistant Athletic Director P.J. Deichler.
3.  Completed and Turned in RTA Athletic Waiver   AND   Completed and Turned in RTA Protocol Agreement Form. 
 ***You can get both of these waivers in the attachments, on our NHS Athletics page,  OR  you can pick up paper copies at the Nipomo High School office (they will be outside the office door on a table) starting tomorrow, Friday, September 25.  Turn in these completed waivers to the NHS office.  They will be placed in my staff box.  
5.  You will need to fill out the RTA COVID-19 Questionnaire on a daily basis prior to attending Conditioning.  These Questionnaires are set up in half sheets.  You will turn that completed half sheet in to your cohort coach every day at the beginning of conditioning.  No completed sheet = no conditioning.  These are also attached below and will be available outside the office door starting tomorrow, Friday the 25th.  
6.  Watch the video that Stephen Field and I put together for you to hopefully explain things in a little more detail.  No judging the lack of presentation skills please.  :) 
Pertinent Information For You 
1.  For now you have to choose.  This is a big one and something that we had hoped to avoid.  Neither coaches, nor student-athletes are going to be allowed to participate in more than one cohort during this optional conditioning period.  So, unfortunately for our coaches and student-athletes, they are going to have to choose which athletic team to condition with.  My advice (advice only) is to choose the "Fall" sport team...the team that will begin it's games first.  So, talk about this with your family and make the choice that you feel is right for you.  Remember that these optional conditioning opportunities are not tryouts, nor are you required to attend in order to be a part of these teams when the seasons do arrive.  Conditioning is conditioning.  Do not stress too much on missed "practice" time with any specific sport, as the conditioning opportunities will not look like any specific sports actual practices (as you know them) for some time.  
** For those of you that do not have a sport starting any form of practice until after January 1, I encourage you to think about doing conditioning in one of those that are starting sooner.  Two easy examples:  if the only sport that you want to participate with is Track and Field in the spring it would be smart of you to get onboard with Cross Country conditioning this Fall/Winter.  Running will prepare you for running.  :)     If you are interested in Swim season for the spring you will want to get involved with water polo conditioning in the Fall.  Swimming will prepare you for swimming.  You get the idea.  
2.  Starting next Friday, October 2nd at 3:00pm we will be running student-athlete official clearances for our coaching staff.  Due to the seriousness of ensuring that our cohorts (smaller groups of no more than 14) are as safe as possible we can not have student-athletes showing up to conditioning with their physicals in hand or stating that "they completed Family ID this morning".  Coaches do not have a means to know what is true or not when standing out at the conditioning locations and we can not put them in a position of having to make a decision on what to do.  Whomever is cleared on Friday, October 2nd will be eligible to participate in the week of October 5 conditioning.  Those that are not cleared by Friday October 2nd at 3pm will have to wait until the following Friday, October 9, to be cleared to participate with their cohort starting on Monday, October 12.  This weekly clearance system will continue throughout our conditioning time period.    
Email Head Coaches Your Interest 
If you have not already done so please email the Head Coach of the sport that you plan on doing conditioning with, so that they can plan for you in a cohort.  Send this email even if you are not going to be cleared by October 2, so that they have your name and have you down in a cohort group.  An updated information spreadsheet of teams, planned start dates, conditioning days of the week and times of the day is also attached.  
I know that this is a LOT of content.  I wish that there were a simpler way to do things right now.  But, this is where we are at.  I am excited that we have an opportunity to start with in-person conditioning for our teams, as I know that many of your student-athletes are as well.  These are the steps that we have to take to make that a reality.  
Thanks everybody.  Titan PRIDE!  
Russ Edwards
Athletic Director
Nipomo High School

Nipomo Athletics Families,
Week # 6 currently of optional conditioning and I wanted to update everybody on a couple of items.  
1.  The second week of December (one month away) is the first week of official CIF calendared "Fall" sport practices.  All of the SLO County AD's have made requests through their respective district offices to have our County Health Department issue guidelines for what we can and can not do by the first week of December.  So, we all hope to have that info at that time and get actual approved game schedules out to everybody by the end of the first week of December.  Thank you for your patience in advance!  
2.  Please see the attached schedule for this weeks' optional conditioning opportunities.  Many of our programs will not workout on Wednesday (tomorrow) this week, but some will.  Please look at your student-athletes sport cohort to figure out what they will be doing.  Email me back directly if you have any questions about anything.
3.  Some of our programs are planning to condition a bit during the Thanksgiving week break.  I will get that schedule out to all of you by Friday of this week.  
I hope that everybody is safe, healthy and happy!  
Titan PRIDE! 
Russ Edwards
Athletic Director
Nipomo High School