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Parent involvement in high school is critical for success! In elementary school, it's easy to get involved with your child's education. You can chaperone field trips or volunteer in the classroom. In high school, however, your teen may discourage your involvement.

But your involvement is still VERY IMPORTANT! When parents are involved in high school:
- Students are better readers
- Student attendance improves
- Student dropout rates go down
- Students have positive attitudes about school and learning

So what can you do? Don't worry - it is possible to maintain your involvement in your teen's education without causing him/her to feel uneasy or awkward! You can:
- Stay in touch with teachers. Meet them at least once during the year. Then communicate through notes, email or phone messages.
- Talk about school. Ask your teen what he/she's learning in class. Listen to the responses.
- Attend school events - especially if your teen is participating in the event. This shows your teen that you think school is important.


You can review the LMUSD Instructional Calendar for 2020-21  by choosing the links below.   

Note: The Important Dates information will be updated in the Fall 2020!