Class of 2019
 It is highly recommended that all Seniors complete the NHS Scholarship Application and return it to Mrs. Hirase as soon as possible.  
Please click the link at the right for more information
Choose from the links below for up-to-date scholarship information. Please See Mrs. Hirase in the Career Center to discuss additional scholarship opportunities.
Upcoming Local Scholarship Deadlines (See Local Applications on the right):
Stay Tuned for Scholarship Opportunities 
Upcoming Regional Scholarship Deadlines (See application links or Regional tab to apply):
The Community Foundation has several scholarships available to NHS students.  Click here to visit their website.
 State or National Scholarships:
There are numerous organizations offering scholarships on the State and National level.  Please see the State and National Scholarships tab to see some options available for you.



College Specific Scholarships:

Several universities have reached out to offer scholarships to prospective students.  Please see the College Specific Scholarships tab to see which applications are currently being accepted.
Good luck, 2019 Grads!