Are you interested in attending college? Do you know what it takes to get there?  Are you determined to see your dream of going to college a reality? If so, AVID may be the program for you. AVID’s mission is to prepare students for the rigors of college and beyond.  Our dedicated team of AVID teachers work alongside you to provide you opportunities to learn the skills needed to succeed. Learning in an AVID class is based on collaborative learning opportunities, using reading and writing as tools for learning, inquiry as the basis for exploring ideas, and organization as the foundation of all we do. Of course, college exploration is a cornerstone of our program and students have the opportunity to visit a variety of colleges throughout their AVID experience. 


Beyond the classroom, our AVID students become a family. AVID students are encouraged to become involved in a variety of school activities including clubs, community service, music, sports, and theater. We encourage students to take part in leadership opportunities and to have their voices heard as agents of change.  


Still interested? Check out these factors to determine initial eligibility:

*First in family to attend college

* 2.5 GPA or higher

* Average to high test scores

*Traditionally underrepresented in college

*Individual determination


If AVID still sounds like the place you belong, contact either of the Co-Coordinators Mrs. Cervantez (sammie.cervantez@lmusd.org) or Ms. Smoot (carly.smoot@lmusd.org). 

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