Welcome to the Nipomo High School Counseling Department!

Meet Our Counseling Team
Jamie Lattimer
Administrative Secretary
(805) 474-3300 x 3270
Blanca Gonzales
Counseling Secretary
(805) 474-3300 x 3250
Callie Shaw
School Counselor
Classes of 2026 and 2028
Shannon Hirase
School Counselor
Classes of 2025 and 2027
Terilyn Sanchez
Career Center Technician
Moses Molino
Moses Molina

NHS School Counseling Program 
Beliefs, Vision, and Mission
Our Beliefs:
As School Counselors, we believe that:
  • Each student can learn, and each student can succeed.
  • Each student must have equitable access and opportunities for a high-quality education.
  • Each student must graduate from high school prepared to be Career, College, and Community ready.
  • Each student must have equitable access to a comprehensive school counseling program.
  • Effective school counseling is a collaborative process involving school counselors, students, families, teachers, administrators, other school staff, and education stakeholders.
  • School counselors are leaders, not only on their campuses and in their districts, but state-wide and nationally as well.
  • Comprehensive school counseling programs promote and enhance student academic achievement, college/career readiness, and social/emotional well-being.

Our Vision:
Our vision is for each student to graduate from Nipomo High School with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to contribute as productive members of society. The NHS School Counseling Department envisions each student to be College, Career, and Community ready upon graduation from Nipomo High School, regardless of the path they choose.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to equip, educate, and empower each student to be Career, College, and Community ready. Through delivering a multi-tiered and data driven school counseling program, we advocate for equity, access, and success for each of our students regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, learning ability, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. In partnership with other educators, parents, and the community, we aim to ensure that each student at Nipomo High School is prepared with the knowledge and skills to contribute at their highest potential as productive members of society.
School Counseling Services:
School Counselors work with students individually and in small groups to provide personalized assistance to students in the areas of: academic planning, post high school and career planning, and personal/social development. The NHS Counseling Department adheres to the standards and best-practices set forth by the American School Counseling Association to implement a comprehensive and data-driven school counseling program.
NHS Counseling Department Goals:
  • Deliver individualized support and small group guidance lessons in academic, personal/social, and career domains
  • Create a safe school environment that promotes high levels of student learning
  • Promote college and career readiness for each student
  • Assist each student in attaining their highest level of academic potential
  • Serve as a liaison between students, families, and community agencies
Location, Hours, Scheduling Appointments:
We are located in the Administration Building on the Nipomo High School campus. We are open Mondays - Fridays, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. Please contact Mrs. Blanca Gonzales, the counseling secretary, to schedule an appointment or you may use the booking links on this page.